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My voice is neutral British, but I am able to offer a very geniune London/Estuary accent too with a youthful energy that is cool, friendly and bright. My voice age, ranges from 20s to 40, providing a relateable, trustworthy and assuring read, to a cheeky, fun, vivid one.

Have a listen...

My voice ceratinly stands out in the mix, have a listen below to hear my different reads. From cool, upbeat and fresh in my imaging reel, to reassuring, trustworthy and confident in my IVR reel.  From calm and relaxed in my mediation example to to bright and vibrant in my children's stories. There is so much versitilty to my voice, I'm sure I can find what you're looking for!

Friendly, Nice
IVR/On Hold
Trustworthy, reassuring
Radio Imaging
Sincere, Caring
Dynamic, Estuary, promo
Children's Story Example
Meditation Example

If you like what you hear, please do click below for my contact details and we can discuss your project further. Or, if you’d like to double check I’m the right voice actor for you, I’m always more than happy to supply a custom demo.

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