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About Bethany Jane...

Hello! I'm Bethany Jane, and I'm professional singer, musician and voice-over artist.


I love using my voice for projects and bringing an authentic, genuine warmth that acutally comes from me wanting to connect with my audience and realate to them. 

I have been singing professionally for 6 years for weddings, parties and many other events - found what I love and that is to bring joy to people in my skills and abilities. 

I work as a solo act ( as well as a duo with my brother (


I've always loved performing, starting with local theatre, musicals and any chance I could get to sing on stage. From this, I went on to develop my live entertainment business which has gone from strength to strength and even taken me a few times into the London Google offices for their clients and employees. 

I then decided to take some training to develop in voice-over after meeting some new friends who told me I should consider working in the voice-over industry. I contacted RichCraft and began my 1-1 coaching with leading professional VOs including Tanya Rich. After grauduating from there I have really enjoyed launching into the world of voice-over with many fantastic skills and techniques to really bring scripts to life. I believe this shows in my demos and gives listeners a good idea of what I can actually do.

Working with me...

What I feel is most important, is giving the best possible voice-over service I can for my clients. When you trust me to represent your business – I feel very privileged to be the voice you choose to use. I will always seek to do everything I can to ensure you are happy with the final recording. 

I love my job! And I believe this comes through when I work with my clients. I am enthusiastic, reliable and easy to work with. There are so many voiceover artists out there, so when someone chooses me, I always go the extra mile for them.

If you feel I would be a good fit for your next project, and you'd like to chat more; please feel free to contact me on the form below to chat more about what you're looking for. 

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